About Us

Freedom in Disasters (FiD) is a for purpose, not-for-profit organisation that works across the globe to prevent disaster victims from becoming human trafficking victims.


 Also known as the International Institute for Counter Trafficking in Disasters we provide a global platform for our international community. We empower trans-disciplinary stakeholder groups to collaboratively design and  share best-practice approaches for human trafficking prevention in disaster settings.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where disasters are not used to exploit vulnerable men, women and children but are the catalyst to end modern slavery. 

We envisage a world where the disaster relief, the development, and the law enforcement sectors combine forces and capitalise on the ‘opportunity’ that disasters provide to end human trafficking in all its forms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent disaster victims from becoming human trafficking victims.  

 FiD works towards its mission with a collaborative approach, uniting the skills and experiences of local actors and international experts, to serve communities in need. We collaborate with academic organisations, corporations, and social enterprises to make a difference at the local level. Simultaneously we advance the scientific knowledgebase of counter human trafficking in disasters to ensure that the international community has the right tools to help those in need.  


Our Values

Together, our work is guided by these core values: 

  • Accountability

We are accountable to the international community, our partners, our sponsors and, most importantly, those who would otherwise fall victim to human trafficking. We take our accountability very seriously and translate it into every aspect of our organisation.

  • Integrity

Our decisions and actions display a consistent commitment to ethical values. Integrity is the foundation for our successful international organisation. It promotes a culture in which we depend on one another to make an impact. We treat each other with respect and work collaboratively across international, trans-disciplinary sectors.

  • Transparency

We see transparency as our organisation’s obligation to share information openly with our partners, sponsors and the international community. As a for-impact, not-for-profit organisation, we are accountable to the people we serve. We live our value of transparency when it comes to business dealings, the use of resources, and the appropriate disclosure of information.

  • Empowerment

We are a strength-based organisation and believe in empowering others to make an impact. We know that the complex challenges that human trafficking in disasters pose, can only be solved in collaboration with others. We equip our partners and the international community with the relevant tools to make an impact.

  • Excellence

We are committed to pursuing the highest possible standard at every level of our organisation. We strive to become the benchmark through innovation. This commitment will allow us to work collaboratively and effectively with our international partners to make an impact.


Our History


Research conducted in early 2020, indicated that there was no internationally operating organisation that supports local counter human trafficking efforts during and after disasters. While the international community was somewhat aware of human trafficking in disasters, the sector seemed to be incapacitated to address this issue collectively and comprehensively.

Climate change induced disaster risk is on the rise around the globe. At the same time, human trafficking is at an all-time high. Current processes are inadequate to deal with the challenges of the 21st century in relation to human trafficking in disasters.

The absence of an organisation which focuses on this topic, would continue to allow organised crime syndicates to utilise disasters as ‘opportunities’ for human trafficking. It was then decided that something had to happen.

The idea of a global organisation which solely focuses on preventing human trafficking in disaster, was born. Freedom in Disasters was established, and the need for our organisation to address the intersection of disasters and trafficking is now more prevalent than ever.



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Our Team

Please note that we are currently seeking Expressions of Interests for our Strategic Advisory and Research Boards. We are looking forward to introduce our team shortly.


Reports and Publications

Freedom in Disasters is publishing Annual Reports each calendar year as well as reports in collaboration with our partner organizations.

Our Annual Reports detail key achievements, operational considerations, fiscal statements and strategic aspirations for the coming year. We aim to keep them as concise as possible to allow the reader a quick snapshot of what occurred in the respective calendar year. Annual Reports are published on the 28th February each respective year. Our financial snapshot is included in the Annual Report and details our budget approach and position. We are committed to a 100% financial transparency approach to ensure accountability and transparency to our partners, sponsors, and most importantly, the victims of human trafficking in disasters. For more detailed fiscal information, we are happy to provide further information within a reasonable timeframe upon request.

Our Publications are resources that we collaborated on, or commissioned for the purpose of contributing to the international body of knowledge in regards to human trafficking and disasters. Note that these Publications are also referenced in our Resource Hub with other relevant data and information.


Annual Reports

FiD Publications

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