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Freedom in Disasters works to empower the lives of disaster effected people at risk of human trafficking around the world. To be most effective, we work in partnership with local organisatoins, international disaster relief organisations and many other partners to make a lasting impact.

We are always looking for opportunities to work with likeminded organisations to collaboratively realise our vision. There are several ways you or your organisation can work with Freedom in Disasters to raise awareness of human trafficking in disasters.

Apply to associate your organisation with FiD, and let’s work collaboratively on realizing our shared vision.


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Volunteer with us

Volunteers form the backbone of our organisation. You can volunteer in a range of areas including administration, finance, research, digital/web design, events, human trafficking intelligence, partnerships … just to name a few.

Give your time in ways that align with your skills, interests, and experience.

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Why volunteer?

  • You’ll be doing something to make an impact.
  • You could learn new skills, or add to the ones you already have.
  • You could meet like-minded people, from diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • You’ll have the opportunity to learn, network and find mentors in the not-for-profit industry.
  • You’re working towards a world where disasters do not lead to increased human trafficking

Anyone 18 years or older can register to volunteer.

When you volunteer with Freedom in Disasters, we also have the options to approach one of our international partner organisation and inquire about a suitable volunteer placement for you.

Please register your Expression of Interest to get in touch with our Volunteer Engagement Team.  

Work with us

Working with Freedom in Disasters is so much more than just a job. It’s a chance to join a community of like-minded individuals, collaboratively fighting for a better world tomorrow. We have projects and collaborations in many parts of the globe and with a variety of organisations and individuals. If you are passionate about our cause or a great idea to counter human trafficking in disasters, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Why become part of our team?

Have a job with a purpose. We give people the opportunity to transform their lives through realising their potential. In the collaborative culture our employees are valued and can develop their career, while making an impact.

Have a look at our core values to determine if Freedom in Disasters is the right organisation for you.

Together, our work is guided by these core values: 

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  • Accountability

We are accountable to the international community, our partners, our sponsors and, most importantly, those who would otherwise fall victim to human trafficking. We take our accountability very seriously and translate it into every aspect of our organisation.  

  • Integrity  

Our decisions and actions display a consistent commitment to ethical values. Integrity is the foundation for our successful international organisation. It promotes a culture in which we depend on one another to make an impact. We treat each other with respect and work collaboratively across international, trans-disciplinary sectors. 

  • Transparency

We see transparency as our organisation’s obligation to share information openly with our partners, sponsors and the international community. As a for-impact, not-for-profit organisation, we are accountable to the people we serve. We live our value of transparency when it comes to business dealings, the use of resources, and the appropriate disclosure of information.

  • Empowerment

We are a strength-based organisation and believe in empowering others to make an impact. We know that the complex challenges that human trafficking in disasters pose, can only be solved in collaboration with others. We equip our partners and the international community with the relevant tools to make an impact.

  • Excellence 

We are committed to pursuing the highest possible standard at every level of our organisation. We strive to become the benchmark through innovation. This commitment will allow us to work collaboratively and effectively with our international partners to make an impact.

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