Our Impact

Our work is impact-led, guided by evidence with a focus on our long term vision.

We strive towards a world where disasters are not used to exploit vulnerable men, women and children but are the catalyst to end modern slavery.

We envisage a world where the disaster relief, the development, and the law enforcement sectors combine forces and capitalise on the ‘opportunity’ that disasters provide to end human trafficking in all its forms.

Recognising the difficulty of assessing our impact, we use a simple impact framework that is used to guide our efforts. Our impact framework is comprised of seven groupings which enables us to conceptualise our impact on various sectors, stakeholders and human trafficking victims.

Impact Framework Overview

These grouping help us to reflect on progress, ensure we are on track to achieving our objectives, inform and change our strategies and ultimately hold us accountable for delivering on our commitments to partners, sponsors, the broader public, and most importantly those trapped in modern slavery.

Each initiative specifically stipulates in which categories we measure our impact, which enables us to track our progress to ensure that we achieve the outcomes we aim for.Throughout 2021, the impact framework is being analysed under considertion of the impact categories of each initiatives. The findings of this research are expected to be published early 2022.

For more detailed information about any of our initiatives or how we measure our impact, please contact us.

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives contain a number of projects and programs that allow us to realise our vision of a world where disasters are not leading to increased human trafficking. We work with a variety of partner organisations in different parts of this world to ensure that our impact is reaching far and wide. Browse our impact categories to learn more about each of our initiatives.

FiD Resource Hub

FiD Resource Hub

The Resource Hub aims to provide practitioners, researchers, and policy makers with easy resource access to combat human trafficking when disasters strike.The Resource Hub is drawing on Counter-Human Trafficking in Disasters (CHTiD) information from a custom-built...

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For more information about any initiative, please contact us:

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