Disaster & Emergency Management Conference

Sep 1, 2021

This week Freedom in Disasters will present on the Nexus of Disaster Management and Human Trafficking and it’s implications in the Australian context. It is time to explore this largely unaddressed area and equip emergency services with the right tools to combat slavery in disasters.
Join us online this Friday at the 2021 Disaster & Emergency Management Conference in Queensland, Australia.




Let’s explore the role of emergency services to combat human trafficking in Australia and New Zealand.
40 million people are estimated to be trapped in modern slavery worldwide. This illicit trade occurs in every single country in the world – including Australia and New Zealand.
International research highlights that in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, traffickers operate and exploit affected people and their desire for safety and means of income. Human trafficking amid disasters remains poorly understood and risk factors remain largely unaddressed by governmental and non-governmental actors.
In 2020, a literature review and stakeholder interviews confirmed that counter trafficking is currently not systematically integrated in international disaster management efforts. When looking at Australia’s disaster management arrangements, it becomes apparent that human trafficking seems largely unaddressed by states and territories.
This presentation discusses the challenges that human trafficking poses internationally and introduces concepts to address this problem ‘on home soil’. It is argued that counter trafficking measures need to be urgently embedded in existing disaster management arrangements, and encompass proactive, preventive, and protective aspects. Collectively the disaster management sector has the duty to cease ‘the opportunity of disruption’ (when disaster strikes) and combat this illicit trade when organised crime is exposed.

3 Key Learning Objectives:
– Understanding of nexus: disaster management and human trafficking
– Understanding the role of AUS/NZ emergency services in relation to human trafficking in disasters
– Call for action to embed modern day slavery prevention in AU/NZ disaster management