Freedom in Disaster launches first-of-its-kind Resource Hub containing UN-related resources

Nov 11, 2021

Our Resource Hub is drawing Counter Human Trafficking in Disasters information from a custom-built repository which was designed to facilitate knowledge exchange to support vulnerable children, woman, and men in times of need.  

After identifying and collating key resources for over a year, we are very proud to confirm that the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has allowed us the use of some of their resources in our directory. This is an important step for us as IOM is one of only a handful of global organizations who actively investigate the interdependencies of human trafficking and disasters.  

We created two purpose-built directories, allowing the user to filter and search for targeted, human trafficking in disasters information. The filters and categories were designed to cater for the needs of the development, disaster management and law enforcement sectors: 

  • The Publication Search Engine allows the user to search for relevant publications, training resources, toolkits, and manuals 
  • The Media Centre Search Engine allows the user to go through video material from various sources, and enables the user to filter data by hazard, disaster, human trafficking intervention, region and other categories.

The Training Resources and Toolkits sections contain additional information to support practitioners, policy makers and researchers. We are proud to offer this tool to the public to support each other combating human trafficking before, during and after disasters.  

Going forward, key stakeholder groups will be invited to participate in specific trails with the aim to iteratively improve our tool. We will also be conducting promotional activities to ensure that researchers, practitioners and policy makers are aware of our Resource Hub.